Common Reasons Why You Get Headache

Do you have neck pain that literally makes you immobile? It can be cervical spondylosis. Do the symptoms of your neck ache appear similar that of migraine but you cannot conclude it for certain? You will be amazed to know that millions of people suffer from neck pain these days, but do not have idea of the disease they are suffering from. Eventually, their problems remain undetected and aggravate over the time. If you suffer from consistent neck pain and do not know what is the reason behind, look for the actual cause right now. We have compiled some of the diseases for you.

  • Whiplash

This is a temporary pain that occurs in the neck region. Whiplash usually occurs when the head moves in the backward direction and then it the forward direction with a sudden jerk as it is common in case of car collision. The intensity of pain associated with this problem can be mild to severe. Chiropractor And Neck Pain relievers suggest that over the counter medicines and cold compress treat this discomfort well.

  • Cervical spondylosis

This disease is also known as neck spondylosis. It occurs due to the development of osteoarthritis in the bones , joints and discs of the neck. Age is the paramount factor behind this neck related disease. However, occupational factors also contribute to cervical spondylosis when proper ergonomics is not maintained by an individual. This disease requires medical supervision and sessions of physiotherapy as per advised by the doctor.

  • Tension related headache

If you suffer from tension and anxiety quite often and suffer from headache simultaneously, you will be surprised you know that they are related! This pain is characterised by a sort of throbbing ache around your temples and its intensity can vary from mild to severe. Basically, occasions of stress and tension are associated with contraction of the muscles around the head and neck region. This manifests in the form of headache. Aspirin, ibuprofem and other varieties of over the counter medicines meant for relieving headache can relieve discomfort associated with this problem.

  • Migraine

If you have headache in one side of your forehead, it can be a possibility that you suffer from migraine. In case the pain has a pulsating or throbbing nature and lasts for three to four hours then you can be certain that it is nothing but migraine. Unfortunately there is no specific medicine that can cure migraine. Emotional factors like stress, depression and anxiety are usually related to migraine. Only alternative is to opt for pain management. In addition, you must turn of lights stop staying is empty stomach and stay away from sunlight as much as you can. Limiting the intake of caffeine also helps in soothing migraine related headache.