The Facts about Migraine You Need To Know

Migraine headaches are a terrible condition which causes repeated attacks of headache. This headache causes pulsating pain mostly only on one side of the head, this is mostly associated with vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, and nausea. This pain may last for 4 hours or may be 3 days. These headaches are severe enough to spoil our sleep, work, and also will not let you concentrate on anything other than the pain. The frequency may be once or twice a year or several times a week.

Who can get migraine: According to National library of medicine, migraines have become extremely common. Unfortunately for ladies, it has been found that Females are more likely to suffer than males do. It is an intense ache which may affect the people between age group from 15 to 55 years. One third of all the migraine sufferers have heredity causes.

In some cases, it goes away with age, or a change in lifestyle, but in some unfortunate cases they may persist throughout your life. You can find Migraines headache specialists in Newcastle who can help you in case of emergency.

Types of migraine:

Mainly there are two types of migraines and they are the Migraine without aura or ‘common migraine’ and the second one is Migraine with aura or ‘classic migraine’.

Common Migraine: These are most prevalent type of migraines. This headache is one sided typically in the front or sides of your head, sometimes it starts from one end of your skull and spreads all over your head. It lasts from 4 hrs to 3 days. You also can get sensitive to light and sound, suffer from vomiting, nausea, stuffy nose, abdominal pain, sensation of heat and cold, hunger, sweating, blurred vision, passing lot of urine and other unenviable decisions

Classic Migraine: Every 4th person with migraine suffers with this type of headache. The symptom is same as common migraines, but also includes a warning sign (aura) before the beginning of headache.

The Visual aura is most common type of sign, which may include objects seemingly rotate, flashes of light, temporary loss of sight. Other types of signs of migraines are numbness in body parts, speech problem, detecting odd smells and food cravings.

Migraine triggers:

These Triggers may be any events, physical change, or some external changes which may result in migraine.

Irregular intake of meals, wine, chocolate and excessive intake of citrus fruits can cause migraine. Anything which is taken in excessive amounts can damage your health so do take care when choosing foods to eat. Environmental changes like smoking, noises, smells, and flickering screens along with Psychological conditions act as Migraine triggers.

In some circumstances it is advised by some GP’s stay away from hormone pills, contraceptive pills and sleeping pills as they may also act as triggers.

Treatments for Migraine: Painkillers like aspirin and paracetamol will help reduce the pain. Nowadays it is advised by NICE that if you suffer from migraine headaches then seeing a specialist such as the ones in Newcastle suggest anti inflammatory pain killers like ibuprofen also work better. But before taking in any kind of medication, it is always better to consult a doctor before hand as they would help with you with the right medication and would also help you with information which can help keep migraine at bay.